• WELCOME TO BLACK MOUNTAIN HOME – Begun by Rev. Robert Perry Smith in 1904 as Mountain Orphanage, the Home began its ministry taking in children whose parents had died or disappeared. Today, we serve youth from birth through college graduation and beyond through family foster care, residential care, transitional living, and independent living.

Below are some ways you can help with either in-kind donations or volunteering. If you’d like to learn more, call us at 828-686-3451 or e-mail info@blackmountainhome.org. Thanks for helping us glorify God by caring for children and families!


  1. Furniture – new or VERY gently used furniture
  2. Welcome totes – with sheets, towels, a pillow, toiletries, a Bible, and a toy for new youth
  3. Shower curtains – for youth bathrooms
  4. Seasonal decorations – new or gently used decorations to make our campus festive for the kids
  5. Heavy-duty leaf blowers and weed eaters – new or VERY gently used
  6. Porch furniture – sturdy outdoor furniture for relaxing as a family
  7. Items for youth rooms – trash cans and bathroom rugs
  8. Gas Grills – for cookouts and family dinners
  9. Duffel and sleeping bags – for retreats and overnight trips
  10. Good used vehicles – for youth entering the Independent Living Program


  1. Craftspeople – to build wooden items for campus
  2. Upholsterers – to update furniture in youth cottages
  3. Grounds Maintenance – volunteers to pitch in and help with general maintenance
  4. Tutors – to help youth reach their academic potential
  5. WWC Garden Plot –plant and maintain a hillside garden at our Brevard-area campus
  6. Painters – to repaint offices and other spaces on campus
  7. Construction/Remodeling – Renovating facilities at our new West Campus
  8. Veterinarian – to help provide care for campus animals
  9. Auto Upkeep – basic vehicle maintenance like oil changes
  10. Small Engine/Appliance Repair – help us keep everything in working order
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