• WELCOME TO BLACK MOUNTAIN HOME – Begun by Rev. Robert Perry Smith in 1904 as Mountain Orphanage, the Home began its ministry taking in children whose parents had died or disappeared. Today, we serve youth from birth through college graduation and beyond through family foster care, residential care, transitional living, and independent living.

Our Mission

To glorify God by caring for children and families

General Information

Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth & Families is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Home accepts children placed by the North Carolina Department of Social Services, but is not managed, owned, or governed by the State of North Carolina, except as laws are applicable.


hikePopulation Served

Black Mountain Home serves children from birth through college graduation who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Typically, youth come to BMH when a court has decided that it is not safe or healthy for the child to remain with their family. Some may stay only a few weeks, while others may spend a considerable part of their growing up years at the Home.

In FY 2014-2015 Black Mountain Home served 119 children from 15 counties in WNC.

Service Area

Black Mountain Home will consider placement of children from throughout the Southeast, but primarily serves the westernmost counties of North Carolina.


The Home has been accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

Our Values10549140_766421090084608_5149675302380176597_o


  • We have a Christian heritage, looking to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we seek to serve our Lord Jesus Christ for the Glory of God;
  • We are faithful in our responsibility that each child is a child of God who deserves to feel great love, strength, and peace by being a part of God’s family;
  • We cherish the joys of the healthy childhood God plans for each child;
  • We take and encourage Spirit-led risks;
  • We face the challenges of bringing God’s healing to abandoned, abused, neglected, or orphaned children;
  • We honor our history with the Presbyterian Church and seek to broaden our base of support through relationships with the entire Body of Christ.


  • We make an enduring commitment for each child to be treated as we would want our own children and grandchildren to be treated;
  • We strive for each child to join or return to a safe, permanent, and happy home;
  • We display integrity and do what we say and promise to do;
  • We are strength-based: recognizing, celebrating, embracing, and building on the gifts of everyone related to the Home, especially the at-promise children in our care;
  • We seek to make informed program choices to provide a safe, protected, growth-oriented community for each child now and in the future by using developmentally focused and competency centered practice;
  • We seek to be a racially and ethnically diverse community;
  • We strive to preserve sibling relationships, which can be one of the most important relationships in a child’s life;
  • We have family-style houses in a supportive campus neighborhood;
  • We advocate for community-based opportunities that are necessary to help children make essential connections that further provide for the total needs of each individual child who has been entrusted to our care.


  • We are not afraid to be visionary;
  • We depend on the synergy of quality staff, board members, volunteers, and community members;
  • We practice good stewardship;
  • We seek systematic and effective processes and the structure of relevant accreditation.

Revisions to this document were approved by the Board of Directors on May 15, 2014.


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